Thursday, May 19, 2011

Brontosonix Review

Brontosonix (
Chris Sabbath

“After much anticipation back here on the farm, San Francisco's High Castle
finally lays waste to our ailing domes, hurling shambles of seared bomb shrapnel
and noisey, mangled debris in our direction with their 12" debut, You're On Your
Own Way. Then again, we wouldn't have expected any less from a group of folks
who've reigned destruction up and down the Golden State in bands such as Child
Pornography, Duchesses, Saboteurs, and Work, but amongst all, the Castles
are definitely numero uno in our book these days. Pressed in a small batch of

500 copies, this saucer of blistered wax offers seven, fierce blasts to the gods
of scuzz, as the three melt a sheet of blown fuses and cracked speaker cones
over an ash-coated landscape of damaged jams. As drummer, Shaggy Denton
massacres her kit, bruising and bashing away in a Boredoms-like hallucination,
as Wilson Drozdowski unloads a hail of rusted bass, all but swallowing his mic as
he howls into it. Same goes for Erin Allen, who as guitarist/singer, spits electric
venom from his fried amp, lashing his callused fingers down the frets, while
screaming above the blackened crust. Songs like "Solomon" and "No Mind" are
caked in filth, all barbaric and churned out with a frayed intensity that flashes
back to the heyday of '90's underground punk, when Unwound and Red Scare
were still ruling the roost. Gotta say many thanks to George Chen and the rest of
the Zum stable for once again delivering the goods at 45RPM.”

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