Thursday, May 19, 2011

Built On A Weak Spot Review

High Castle – You’re On Your Own Way 12” (one sided)

castle1 High Castle   Youre On Your Own Way 12 (one sided)

castle2 High Castle   Youre On Your Own Way 12 (one sided)

Some wildly disjointed noisy post-punk here from San Fran’s High Castle. They had been previously touring behind the weight of a self-released demo CD-R, however have just released their debut EP You’re On Your Own Way through Zum as a one sided 12’’. Containing 7 tunes in just less than 12 minutes, this thing flies by but is in every way effective. I liken it to the time when a supercell dropped a very brief tornado right outside my neighborhood. It sounded like a mammoth vacuum approaching, however I knew it wasn’t vacuum and seconds late the power went out. High Castle are of the same breed blasting through with relentless deep pummeling drums and an eerie but effective guitar buzz that is gone with a blink of an eye however leaving a definite impression. It’s not pretty but it’s pretty fuckin’ enjoyable if you’re into the weirder noisy rock. It comes in nice silk screened packaging which is a bit hypnotizing when looked at.

High Castle – Are Fixed Gear Tricksters The New Rollerbladers? [MP3]

For those interested in picking up You’re On Your Own Way, then just head on over to Zum to pick it up. Well worth it. Enjoy!

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