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Last Night: Abe Vigoda, Lovvers, High Castle at Bottom of the Hill

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Eric Lawson
High Castle

Abe Vigoda, Lovvers, High Castle
Sunday, March 7, 2010
Bottom of the Hill

Better than: Sitting at home watching the Oscars.

Last night was a sleepy Sunday at Bottom of the Hill. Scrawny, hip kids shuffled around the venue, most of them looking like they were pushing 17 years of age. The vibe was very reminiscent of a house show, a laid back affair where these youngsters stood politely and stared attentively at the bands on stage, quietly bopping along to the fast-paced drum beats and snarling guitar riffs.

Eric Lawson
High Castle

​The first to take the stage was Oakland-based High Castle, a trio of screeching punks, wailings guitars, and pounding drums. (The girl on the skins could especially rage). There's been some hype surrounding High Castle, and it's safe to say the band lived up to it last night - cranking the volume, yelling over one another into the mics, and delivering some seriously noisy guitar shredding.

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