Thursday, May 19, 2011

SF Bay Guardian
“If Mincemeat or Tenspeed's noise Ouroboros encircles hardcore, their Zum
labelmates High Castle (note the initials) use it for rocket fuel. The band
shares the bill for tomorrow's show at the Stud Bar with Mincemeat, but invites
comparison with late-1990s punk, though it's hard to point to a single band.
Easier to call out the signs: the trio takes their name from a Philip K. Dick novel,
sings in unison without harmonies, features aggressive but rhythmically elastic
drumming, and named their best song "Filth." Fidelity-wise, High Castle's debut
12" You're on Your Own Way sounds damp and fuzzy, like the band (all three
members are So Cal natives) is trying to thrash their way to heat. Though the
band's lo-fi production style sounds rote, the way they're pulling inspiration from
neglected corners of underground rock gives a different impression.”
- 1/27/10 Brandon Bussolini

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